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The Magic of Bilingual Education✨

CALEC Bulletin - Multilingualism Can Be a Strength for African Higher Education

10 Benefits of Bilingualism 🧠

Ep. 35: Avec Bilingual Matters, Antonella Sorace tord le cou aux idées reçues sur le bilinguisme

Si usted habla dos idiomas, tiene un cerebro imparable

Two languages are better than one, yes

A Newborn's Ear For Language👂

The unique Kusunda language...

Ep. 34: Emmanuelle Le Pichon, le bilinguisme face aux enjeux de la diversité

Cherokee Language Classes Expand in Kansas Schools

Being Multilingual Is Like Having a Secret Superpower🦸

How Our Brains Cope With Speaking More Than One Language

A Vision for the Future of Education in Chicago

Is Bilingualism Worth It?

Preserving the French Cajun Language and Culture

Ep. 33: Valerie Sun, Lettre ouverte aux acteurs de l'éducation bilingue

15 Childhood Benefits of Being Bilingual💡

Plurilingual Parenting: The Future of Parenting

The Benefits of Immersion Programs

Episode 32: Rhonda Broussard, une Lousianaise qui pose une bonne question

How Many Children Lack Access to Education in Their First Language?

To Preserve a Culture, It’s Vital to Keep the Language Alive

Making Language Instruction a Priority

How Bilingual Brains Switch Languages Seamlessly 🧠

The Benefits of Dual-Language Immersion Programs

Recognizing and Validating Students’ Native Languages

How to Ask Challenging Questions That Lead You to Real Solutions

A Multilingual University Model Brings Benefits

How Foreign Language Study Can Benefit Your Child

You Can Speak 300 Languages on This NYC Street

The Benefits of Early Bilingual Education for English Learners

Want to live longer? Speak more languages!

Are You Ready for a Multilingual Workplace?

Our First Festival du Livre de Paris!✨

Indigenous Language Workshops Connecting Gunggari People to Culture

Five Benefits of Learning a New Language

Episode 31 - Robert Desmarais Sullivan, un révolutionnaire du français en Louisiane

Why Do Bilingual Speakers Find Switching Languages So Easy?

Ensuring Dual Language Learners Embrace Their Culture and Identity

Who Are the Francophones in the United States?

Celebrate La Francophonie! 🌎

Learning French Changed Her Life

A Chilean Indigenous Language Vanishes as Last Native Speaker Dies

The Impact of Learning a Language on Brain Health

Every School in Australia Could Teach an Indigenous Language

Bilingualism Is Good for Your Mental Health

Episode 30: Nathalie Auger, « les défis des classes multilingues »

Language Advocacy Day 2022

Does Being Bilingual Make You Smarter?

The Language Connects Us to Our Identity

Most Agree Second Language a Boon for Americans

How Brains Seamlessly Switch between Languages